Monday, October 21, 2013

Shoes for daaays

I stopped buying shoes every week. It was a struggle and I am having withdrawals, I reduced it to once a month (maybe), I just started yesterday. Hopefully school will keep me busy enough to keep me thinking about shoes. But I keep getting e-mails about new styles and I need to get it out of my system or I am going to cry.

Diesel's - Wrapsy

Ferragamo's - Rilly Bow

Zara's - Leather Ankle Boot sandal

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Don't web-window shop, it's dangerous"

10 years ago, when the world wide web was not as intense at it is right now, I considered window shopping as dangerous. When I was 18 (ahhh the good ol days) there was never a time after work where I would go straight home, heck no. I would go straight to the mall or to wherever there are people to flaunt around my new outfit. Yes I know I was both conceited and was totally an attention whore. Man, how things have change, now I don't even want to be the center of attention. Anyway the point is now web-window shopping is also dangerous. How many times have I told myself that I will not buy a certain Rebecca Minkoff or Helmut Lang and that I'd rather wait and hope it goes on sale soon. Countless and more often than not I end up buying them anyway. Well I don't have to suffer or be guilty alone, I am sharing my current infatuations with everyone. Let me know if we have the same obsessions right now. Some I know I wouldn't be able to afford but I still dream about it. lol

Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2013

Robert Rodriguez Fall 2013 & Spring 2014


Friday, September 13, 2013

UP & COMING Designers

Fashion is ever changing and always at a top speed.We always here the big names. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Fendi, etc. we all love them and even the most fashion inept knows them. The stores and other designers follow their designs close by in order to make something affordable to the masses but how about those up and coming? The ones that are considered "indie" or the ones the snobs called "unmentionables" because they do not have that big of a following or store smack right in the middle of America's biggest cities.? I know it is hard to get out there, not just for fashion industry but every where. While I prepare for my BS in Fashion Management and Marketing, I've decided to put my store on hold and gather as much inspiration as I can, and with that research I found some really promising designers. Someday I hope to see them up the with the big guys doing what they do best, as unique as they are.

From top to bottom:
Skull Leggings – PINaR ERIS + Hand Painted Tee -  Jessalin Beutler  + Distract Them Dress – KAHRI 
Quartz Ring – Michelle Lenae + Pyramid Bracelet –  + Amy Drawstring – Fulani  + African printed Dress – Tina Lobandi + Shoes – Dominique Lucas + Leather Cape & bra – Clemmie Watson 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Stressed Out?

You and me both sister. I use to eat when I do and it always leads to guilt and sometimes anger about the poor choice of de-stressing. I've decided the only solution to this annoying part of life is shopping, though not cheap, it saves me on gaining more weight (post baby #2) I've decided to be a total girl about it too- Cry, buy a bag, shoes, jewelry, and curl up with a good book. In that order. Sadly I am not ballin' or did not marry some Mr. Grey or Mrs. Crossfire (ode to female lit) but I still love him anyway. So this means I had to "save up" to have some decent shopping money, so my limit is 2 and a book. I need shopping help.

My shopping list includes the following:

Minkoff is having a sale, and I've been wanting some Affair bag. But then I saw 2 more bags from Noelle Et Filles' Flavia mini and Les Envers' Bon Bon Bag, I now I am lost.

For shoes, my worst fear has finally happened, USPS *curses* has finally lost a package that has left me mourning for the Marc Jacobs plaque pump. It maybe my best Poshmark find yet, I wish the credit card bill was the one that got lost. I need a replacement right away.

Jewelry isn't a problem I only have eyes for one right now.

The book as well is easy-breezy, this might be my favorite new series. Fashionable temp turn sleuth is always on my radar. And now that Stephanie Plum is turning into a bust and Sookie is over it is time to move on. After a non-cliff hanger ending for the Chicagoland Vampire Series' latest book, House Rules, I immediately searched for another female book. And that's how I found Lexi Graves' Mystery.

I bought the book Monday 07/23 and finished it 07/24 right around Midnight. I stopped reading what the reviewers think ever since I started my book review blog in 2009. If the blurb catches my attention, I buy it. Although getting an ARC is always fab. So anyway, I love Lexi, her character is so likeable, I can't find anything wrong with her, I always do, but I am positive when the series progress I'll get annoyed with her (yeah I am super optimistic like that). The outcome of the investigation was predictable, but while it did not wow me, I really enjoyed reading it, enough to buy book 2 and 3 that same night I finished the this book.(review for book 2 and 3 coming soon)

Thursday, July 25, 2013