Friday, July 26, 2013

Stressed Out?

You and me both sister. I use to eat when I do and it always leads to guilt and sometimes anger about the poor choice of de-stressing. I've decided the only solution to this annoying part of life is shopping, though not cheap, it saves me on gaining more weight (post baby #2) I've decided to be a total girl about it too- Cry, buy a bag, shoes, jewelry, and curl up with a good book. In that order. Sadly I am not ballin' or did not marry some Mr. Grey or Mrs. Crossfire (ode to female lit) but I still love him anyway. So this means I had to "save up" to have some decent shopping money, so my limit is 2 and a book. I need shopping help.

My shopping list includes the following:

Minkoff is having a sale, and I've been wanting some Affair bag. But then I saw 2 more bags from Noelle Et Filles' Flavia mini and Les Envers' Bon Bon Bag, I now I am lost.

For shoes, my worst fear has finally happened, USPS *curses* has finally lost a package that has left me mourning for the Marc Jacobs plaque pump. It maybe my best Poshmark find yet, I wish the credit card bill was the one that got lost. I need a replacement right away.

Jewelry isn't a problem I only have eyes for one right now.

The book as well is easy-breezy, this might be my favorite new series. Fashionable temp turn sleuth is always on my radar. And now that Stephanie Plum is turning into a bust and Sookie is over it is time to move on. After a non-cliff hanger ending for the Chicagoland Vampire Series' latest book, House Rules, I immediately searched for another female book. And that's how I found Lexi Graves' Mystery.

I bought the book Monday 07/23 and finished it 07/24 right around Midnight. I stopped reading what the reviewers think ever since I started my book review blog in 2009. If the blurb catches my attention, I buy it. Although getting an ARC is always fab. So anyway, I love Lexi, her character is so likeable, I can't find anything wrong with her, I always do, but I am positive when the series progress I'll get annoyed with her (yeah I am super optimistic like that). The outcome of the investigation was predictable, but while it did not wow me, I really enjoyed reading it, enough to buy book 2 and 3 that same night I finished the this book.(review for book 2 and 3 coming soon)

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