Thursday, June 20, 2013

My very late take on Game of Thrones

Yesterday I finally finish watching all seasons and episodes of Game of Thrones, I didn't think I will like it the much since I am not really into medieval fantasy, except for King Arthur but I did, love it so much that when Robb and Lady Stark (both) died I was devastated, I laughed when I heard people said they are turning their backs on the show because of this loss but now I totally get it. With that said I think I am finally going to try to read the book again, it been sitting in my closet since I bought it in 2007. I tried reading it once and saw the unpronounceable names and decided to move on to the next book and get back to it later. I think the later time has come, I have no patience to wait for the 4th season. I must see more of Daenerys's girl power! What a badass chick, I love her she might be my next fictitious idol. Ok enough ramblings, I am at work and have to done some actual work. haha But before that I wanted to ask you guys what you think of Sansa? Seriously, what's up with her? I do not know exactly what I feel for her. Is she too naive or underneath that she is plotting something? Does she have a plan to maim any of the Lannisters, or is she really just a stupid little girl? It is driving me crazy.

Some clothing article that could be Game of Throne wardrobe worthy


  1. I hated that episode and sort of lost a lot of its magic for me too. The books for me have been page turners! have a nice one!

  2. I hated it but not enough to walk away from it. lol. I wanted to get the book but I don't want to start at the beginning. Which book should I get to pick up where the show left of?