Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Necklace Week day 2

This week is Necklace week here on Peace Love Flair. My slogan says "turning boring into wow!" And I intend to do just that. Fashion accessories can brighten and add spice to the most plain outfits or compliment the most outrageous ones. I will naked and deprived without it. In my 30 years of life, I never gone out without any of them. The first time I lost an earring my mother was disappointed (and so was I), I was 7, she said as soon as I was cleaned up from the delivery table, I've had that --- 24k gold, stud with emerald earring. She then proceeded in giving me 3 more pairs (in case of loss). It gives me great pleasure to discover new pieces and new designers and I am thrilled to share that I found these talented designers.

It is a leather and PU choker perfect for t-shirt and shorts outfit this coming summer. This Singapore based company not only produces their items hand made, they are also Eco-Friendly. Extra cool points in my book. (click on the photo to get redirected to their website)

How cool is this Mateo Bijoux hammer necklace?  Perfect for layering. 

Want to conquer your fear of spiders? Start with this adorable rose gold plated 925 sterling silver web and spider necklace from Amorium.

My current favorite statement piece at the moment, you cannot argue that this piece would be a nice topic of conversation and even intrigue. The first time I saw it, "that looks heavy" came to mind, no idea, so far all I can say is this item is brass finished, hammered and handmade.


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